Tuesday 27 March 2012

Mirror Images.


Left is right as you can see
It looks that way to you and me.
But turn your arse
Toward the glass,
And all’s in place as it should be!

Image pinched from Tess for Magpie Tales.
PS. As the doc would say; 'This is getting really silly'.

So, for those who wake to the sound of Bow Bells,

Her norf ‘n souf, mince pies that glows,
Her Harold blair, o’er boulders flows.
Twice mirrored there
Her face so fair…
Shame about the garden hose!

PPS. If makes sense to you, explain it to me!


  1. Great stuff, both of them. Perhaps "Barnett Stair" is a more usual rhyming slang for hair?
    Pinching Tess's "Moon" is totally norty!

    1. We from the colonies are not familiar with "Barnett Stair", but I note you got the rhyming reference right despite your ignorance!
      PS: Anyone reading this, take the link to Doc's page. Hilarious!

    2. Haven't heard from Tess... maybe, as we say here in the antipodes, she has given me the arse!
      Translation: giving one the arse = walking away from one, or ignoring one.

  2. you and the Doc win in hilarity!

  3. Too funny Stafford!

  4. It's actually 'Barnet Fair', but what the heck. Two pieces that raised a smile, and that's what really counts.

    1. I probably should have been more original and written 'Tony Blair'.

  5. Very funny- both of them! It made a change from all the doom and gloom the rest of us (apart from Doc perhaps) seem to have gone for.

  6. Hey you pinched my Banksy...giggle!

  7. Yes, nice that you chose the lighter side....
    :-) So many of the rest of us went the dramatic route. Is it a full moon? :-)

  8. Laughing! You're on your own for the hose!


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