Tuesday 6 September 2011

A Parallel Reality.

Tresses enhanced with fine oils from Iran,
Violin turned out of wood from Japan.
Dressed in an outfit of best Chinese silk,
Shoes of fine leather, Canadian elk.

Scores on white paper from Norway and there,
A bow of white strings, from goodness knows where.
Breakfast, lunch, dinner, our food interalia,
Wheaties and crumpets from far off Australia.

Opera house sound, so rich and inviting.
Comfortable seats and indirect lighting.
Music and art, the magnificent whole,
Brought here together to nourish the soul.

Photo is of Mairead Nesbitt.


  1. "Brought here together to nourish the soul."

    Unless her fetishistic garb distracts from her music. Of course, the reality might differ from the photo.

  2. I'm with Snow ... looking for the whips!

  3. Are you sure she's not just on the fiddle?

  4. I think she might nourish more than the soul.

  5. a mind blowing piece.
    love the wit in it.

  6. Love the writing here, wonderful work.

  7. This is very good Stafford.

  8. It's a global world when it comes to consumerism. And the best kind of violinist is one dressed in leather. Slam out those arpeggios, sister!


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