Wednesday 15 December 2010

Kevy and Hillary are leaking.

Prompted by breathless reporting of Wikileaks revelations of what (Australian Foreign Minister) Kevin Rudd said to Hillary Clinton (in secret).

Psst! Your Gravitas is (Wiki)leaking!

Political bullies, nefarious
Find Wikileaks quite deleterious.
But verbal diarrhea
Has undone them I fear.
They now seem so Rudd-y Hillary-ous!

Glossary of terms:
• Red of face as in ‘ruddy complexion’.
• Mild expletive, substitute for more offensive swearword, ‘bloody’.
• Epithet used in Australia. Eg, Shane Warne = “Warnie”,
Alan Jones = “Jonsey”, Kevin Rudd = “Ruddy”, Silvio Berlusconi = “Shitbag”, etc.

PS. I mean no offence to Rudd nor Clinton. My personal view is, I think they are both dedicated to serving their countries and are doing better than most on the world stage.


  1. Bwahahahahaha, gigglesnort, rotflmfao, lol, hahahaha, bloody brilliant Staffo ;)your best limericky type thingy by far.

  2. Oh I do love the Rudd-y-Hillary-ous bit. Very clevery written, and amusing.

  3. I have been missing you...
    and now this
    okay I laughed just a bit

  4. Watch it Suz! Snickers indeed. Thank you, but that could be dangerous!

  5. I had to remind myself what Rudd had said to Clinton after this - Oh what? China paranoid about Tibet and Taiwan? Well blow me down, that's news?

  6. love this one, smart post.
    she used to be my heroine.

  7. Wikileaks is paying through the nose, I would say. It bugs the hell out of me when the government can go all out to harass an organization that hasn't broken any laws. I would even suspect that the U.S. is behind these sexual assault charges.


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