Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Magpie's Nest oddities

Thingummies and Hoosits.

I stared at this thing for an hour or three
wondering what it is, what it could be.
Then out of the blue,
the answer came through.
“It’s a Wotsit, that’s what it is, plain as can be!”

Find more probable explanations at Magpie Tales where Tess spends all week dreaming up ways to flummox we lummoxes.
Dictionary: Lummox (E) = Dumb ox (US).


  1. ... and you can't imagine me wearing it? I'm crushed! Lummox is a word we used a lot when I was a wee lass ... as in 'you big lummox!' Hadn't heard it in years. Cheers, Stafford!

  2. Your ability to rhyme, and make it seem natural, is envied by me.

  3. Yes-- such wit-- thanks for stopping by my efforts...xxxj

  4. yep- I had the same response....wot the hell?

  5. A wotsidoositwat :) Good one Stafford - nice flow and funny as usual.

  6. Witty response to the eerie prompt. I'll remember "lummox"

  7. Thanks for that great reply to this prompt.

  8. For Flummoxed Lummox you sure do churn out wonderful responses! LOL

  9. I've seen some very good responsess to this weeks prompt ... enjoyed this one, as usual.

  10. 'course it is - and I never tumbled it! Well done you.

  11. now that is a winning magpie

  12. heh heh heh....A Stafford Vernacular Dictionary would be a best seller...!!

  13. 2 *B* Sure ... 2 *B* Sure ..Tis a *Wotsit*
    A *Disguise* For A *Dope On A Bike *
    He Rides With the *Boys* Every Week End
    *Flashin Budgie With *Pride* On His Trike

    With *Ugly Giant Ego* Pulsating
    *Cunning Retoric* His *Mantra* Each Day
    Budgie Now *Twitchin In Anticipation*
    Wears This *Wotsit* For *Show* Come Wot May

    A *Twofold Showpiece* For *Showoff*
    On *Budgie or Over His Face*
    Dependin Which Crowd He's Impressin
    The *Boys Or The Media* In Each Race

    With *Luck* He Will *Spruke* Once 2 Often
    The *Crap* May *Return and Bite*
    Old *Dopey* Under His *Wotsit*
    Let's *Pray*
    Fingers Crossed !!
    Every Nite !!..

  14. This is a good one! I'm a fan of unusual words.

    I've been a little magpie-challenged lately. Still doing my nursery rhymes, though.

  15. At last, at last! A funny one. Thanks, Stafford. I was drowning in introspective interpretations interesting intermittently only.


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