Monday, 4 July 2011

Absence makes the heart forget eventually.

Just in case you have been wondering what I have been up to that has kept blogs to a minimum (as if you would), I have been rewriting, rewriting, rewriting. My one completed novel has now been read by a few writer friends some of whom were kind enough to offer real criticism.
So, as I am about to embark on the hardest part of the journey, ie, finding an agent, the little computer has been burning up the renewables while chapters were moved around, characters (re)developed and a lot of cuts made (boo hoo). Thanks to all of you and special thanks to Selma who gave me detailed feedback
Meanwhile Tiziana’s bathroom (head) is a mere skeleton to be rebuilt over the next week or two bringing to an end the major works prior to her being slipped and her bottom ‘done’.
Somehow in there I must find time for an x-ray and ultrasound on a shoulder that is still very sore two months after damage incurred in the chain locker, another colonoscopy, IXL’s coming monster auction of a lifetime’s collection of chattels on July 31, back to the dentist for after sales service on a botched root canal job, plus I have started a new series for classroom reading ‘lessons’ called ‘Mouse in the House’ for a school I adopted.
If you teach 5 or 6 year olds, ask and ye shall receive a free advance copy with model lesson plan.
By the way, this material will dramatically boost reading age in any child, but is particularly effective with ‘right brain’ kids and spectacular with ‘ADHD fuelled clowns’ and, it is heaps of fun to do.
Observing teaching lately, I note the widespread use of computer programs for reading. If teachers think stuff on screens, even interactive ones is a big deal to modern kids, they should think again. Every child has been saturated with screens so they might find it refreshing to get their eyes, ears, feet and minds back into the real world where people still live some of the time!


  1. Where does all your wordy-stamina come from...? In between all those ailments, and still you smile!! You really do put we younger(ish) ones to shame!

    You do marvellous work, Stafford. And I want a signed copy, matie, when the books out!

  2. We'll never forget you Stafford - haha! Good luck with the book, the colonoscopy and all that other stuff (gee you're a busy boy).

  3. Important things such as finishing novels, taking on schools and establishing further reading programmes are more pleasant than root canals and colonoscopys (or is that ies?, Hence health necessities are not seen as such and out on the back burner. I know because I do it! Stop procrastinating and have them done!

  4. In the '70s when I was a teacher, I attended a teacher's meeting during which I watched a program that was intended to be seen by modern children and that supposedly echoed the views of modern children. As one child put it, "Who wants to be crammed behind a book when you can look at a computer." I thought it a very odd message. I still do.

  5. To everything there is a time time time, as the song goes, or something like that.

    I''ve been an absentee blogger of late for similar reasons, Stafford - external writing. It's always good to get back though and to see how much we can achieve.

    Sounds as though you have been busy and with much more to come.

  6. Not exactly the quiet life, I see. But hey, there's plenty of time for rest in the grave, right? Good on you. By any chance are you 'pitching' at the upcoming Reality Writes pitching workshop?

  7. They enjoy the human contact that sharing a book brings ... sitting in front of a screen is very solitary.

    Good luck with all your overhaul visits!

  8. well Stafford, I had noticed, and being the ego-centric creature I am, I thought you had just gone of me - pleased to read you were hard at work instead. Sorry that the corpus is playing up, hope the mechanics (shipwrights?)get it ship-shape soon.

    best wishes, Isabel

  9. Dear Stafford. I love my publisher, but they do take a l-o-n-g time to publish my books. So I hope all goes well and ALL the best!

  10. You have a lot on your plate. It's great that you can get yourself organized, all nicely done.

  11. Busy as they come. You are tiring me out. Wishing you all the best with the health-related things. It was my pleasure to help you out with the book - I really enjoyed reading it. And I am still keeping everything it is humanly possible to cros, crossed for you!

  12. I agree with your assessment that the focus on computers has created an artificial life, and that kids will benefit and even enjoy the real world if encouraged to step away from their computers for a little while.


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