Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Blame the Bug. (See Magpie comments below.)

Warning: This picture of Charles has absolutely nothing to do with this post which just goes to prove I am losing it!

As a baby, I wanted more altitude
As a teen, my demand was for latitude.
But now in my prime
I spend all my time
Avoiding my creeping decrepitude!


  1. Keep writing limericks to keep the decrepitude at bay (and oh dear to Charles).

  2. Classic photograph!

  3. I think the photo suits your piece just fine!

  4. Stafford: So funny! hahah! LMAO! Definitely "decreptitude"...of course he could say he was demonstrating a point during inspection!

  5. Great limerick! It is not so much Charles but the guy who snapped the photo. That split second and a picture is certainly worth a thousand words!

  6. Excellent limerick - smiling.

    Anna :o]

  7. Her medals are quite large.

    Reminds me of Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky.

  8. Everyday Goddess has hit upon my very thoughts: Bill Clinton meets another well decorated young woman he likes.

    In reality though, bright shiny objects are very attractive and it is difficult to avoid touching them.

    Or ... this is just a very unfortunate timing of the shutter release for the middle aged royal -- as the young lady seems happy to see him.

    Very intriguing post, including the thing you wrote. Actually still looking for my prime -- and the good sense that may come with it


  9. Giggle! The photo is priceless.

  10. Charlie Barley Baby - Always Was 'Hands On' !!!
    Yo! Ho! Ho!
    Don't Git Me Started !!!
    Comment Page Wouldn't B Big Enough ..


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