Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Other Tea Parties.

Making a difference.

Offence you feel,
the invisible man.

This sinful land,
deaf to your anger
and The Truth

handed down through
a thousand years
from father to son.

Disrespect is sin
and those around
seem not to care.

So, find a place
where others of race,
or faith gather

And there you hear
from familiar mouths
your thoughts reflect

Words of hate then
escalate until…
A plan is formed

To right the wrongs,
is yours and then…

You have a choice. To
vote for change
or bomb Times Square.

Pictures borrowed from here and here.


  1. I love this poem - when I read the last line it just grabbed me by the throat. It's sad to think that we'll have a lukewarm turnout for the November elections. What's wrong with us?

  2. Tanks Bug, This poem is an appeal for an understanding of how democracy works and to become involved. Even when your party wins, they are in the spotlight and can be ejected any time more than half the people are dissatisfied! Maybe not perfect, but it works.
    And like a ball game, we are disappointed when we lose but next mach we are there again, streamers, banners and beer, for a good time and to respect our opponents.

  3. it's all about mutual respect and living together dream...hopefully a reality someday
    Great writing Stafford

  4. it is a time of change and with the election soon upon us...hopefully we will see some here...nice write.. Stafford...bkm

  5. I will not neglect my duty. Wonderful and wise words. Thanks for the reminder.

  6. Stafford your wonderful message rings beautifully loud and clear...wise words from a wise man! I will be voting...i have ever since i was of age...:-)

  7. Another comment from me- I always vote- if I didn't I couldn't complain. It's such a gift to be able to vote.

  8. Respect! I am so turned off by all the negative campaign rhetoric ... the stupid ads, the mud-slinging.

    Respect! Have we lost the ability?

  9. we lose our voice when we dont use it...nice call to action stafford...


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