Thursday, 7 October 2010

Magpie 35

Start of the fall.

'Those Autumn leaves'- Daah-dum
'Drift by your window'- Daah-dum...

After the harvest
a winding down.
Get out your fiddle
and play with me.

Time for celebration,
time for gathering,
time for friends.

But this year,
time for reflection
and time for truth.


(Have a look at the next poem on this blog... please.)

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  1. Autumn is always the time for reflection Stafford.

  2. I see you live in Australia, it is SPRING there, isn't it?? So happy spring to you, as those of us in the opposite hemisphere cruise through autumn.

  3. Tying this to the previous poem - time for truth in the US is right!

  4. I love fall too. Great prompt, eh? And I also read your next poem. Awesome truths, there.

  5. You must feel upside down with this one...lovely - the fiddle are out and so are the are harvesters here....blessings..bkm

  6. Reflections of a wonderful season, beginning for you to spring into the wealth of beauty awaiting a latter harvest....

    Fantastic on the next poem as well. Nice magpie.

  7. great picture of autumn. I read you tea party poem too. Has the tea party made it to Australia yet? I heard it's popping up around Europe.

  8. A song to begin ... wonderful!

  9. What a great opening to this poem. It made me giggle. I'm fiddling way over here in Ohio!

  10. Hummmmmmm.....very interesting. Autumn my favorite time of year, except for the blooming of the sage, which gives me tears, and the snuffles. I like the pic you paint.

  11. Do you know Errol Garner's recording of "Autmn Leaves" made (yonks ago) at Carmel? On a vinyl or CD titled "Concert by the Sea." Amazon UK stock it. Plays an intro of incredibly complexity . . . then picks out the tune with one finger. A great moment.
    Your poem well constructed, with or without the quote from the song.

  12. true indeed... time to reflect while the leaves fall and whisper: "it is time for change" :)

    love your poem

  13. as the leaves fall like years
    yes the truth
    makes winter easier

  14. Your Autumn smells like friends and making merry.... :)

  15. You brought your readers full circle ... the ending of a season, the celebration of a bountiful harvest ... and back to a grim reality. Nicely done my good man!

  16. Oh yes, a time 2 think about seasons past - a life in progress.

  17. Yes,it is a time for reflection! (Before New Year's Eve!)

  18. "MY window, Stafford." Check it out.
    I looked at the poem below and I do see what you mean.

  19. There's nothing quite like the passing of Summer, to slow us down to thinking speed.

  20. Yes autumn is the time for reflection and your opening words were I think from the sad song... 'For I miss you most of all my darling when autumn leaves begin to fall'

  21. And as per Martin's comment, we
    will retreat to our creative orifices,
    cluster around our computers,
    and flat-screened televisions,
    dust off our books, sharpen
    our blue pencils, and make ready
    for the necessity of indoor sports.
    Actually, though you are having
    spring not Fall under your side
    of the globe. January is your summer
    if I recall.

    But I like your nod to /time for truth/
    for in regimes, marriages, and pursuits,
    it is always that time, or should be.

  22. Autumn is def a time for reflection... Like the pic u painted Stafford...

    And the next poem is nice too

  23. The second poem was truly attention inspiring. The first one caught my attention in another way: sadly I equate fall with winter: the flu, the bronchitis, the pneumonia I get every winter takes most of the fun out of the changing seasons...I wonder

  24. A time for reflection and true Stafford...this is lovely! :-)

  25. festive magpie tale,
    would love to listen to your song,
    hear you play with a fiddle...

    super breath taking spirits in your tale, love it absolutely.

  26. Nice one! I've not got a fiddle - will a guitar do....?

  27. Aaaah - 'Autumn leaves.' One of my favourites. The Art Tatum version will change your life, I guarantee it.

    A beautiful piece from you.

  28. digging the fiddle playing stafford and its always time for truth...

  29. yes - let's get out our fiddle and start to play...liked this!

  30. get out your fiddle and play with me.. I like that line..a lot! :)

    My Magpie Is Here:

  31. Absolutely Stafford...the timing is perfect

  32. came back and had a look at the other poem - time for refelction - so true

    regarding your comment on my post...i'm not such a fast worker, the man on the parkbench was my husband and we're married for 22 years now...smiles

  33. Claudia, (ha ha) seems you slowed down as soon as you reeled him in! 22 years married, so congratulations on both counts! :-)

  34. sounds like a fun time...nicely said!


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