Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Jingle's sinful Potluck Poetry

Gecko’s Sin List.

Pride is good but anger better,
Sloth and Gluttony, bad together
Envy and lust
Are really a must
And greed is essential for any go-getter!


I was so terrified after learning what happens to the slothful, I had to gather the energy to post with Jingle before I was cast into the snake pit!

More fun at Jingle Poetry.
Picture borrowed from here.


  1. And you have done a very, very funny one! As always a delight! Thank you.

  2. A man after my own heart, the more sin the better!
    And a funny poem to boot.

  3. brilliant humor.
    Glad to have you tickling us...
    Sinful poetry for Jingle,
    your entry will truly mingle...

    many thanks.

  4. is there no end to your sinning

    I mean talent

  5. Haha - so true - good one Stafford!

  6. LOLOL...awesome write...very well crafted piece here. Thanks for linking xxx

  7. 7 sins expressed in such few words is a very well trained poet at work!

  8. excellent! u did it again :)

    what is life without fun ;)

  9. Stafford, love the "envy and lust a must"..oh those sins..we must pick and choose which ones we will keep to ourself and which ones we will share with others...bkm

  10. LOLOLss
    Dear Stafford, all good writers were sloth stricken this time.. me included :P
    very refreshingly done- I couldn't hold myself from peeling after reading about the sloth- poor guy- he is being beaten from all corners..
    "Greed"- yes.. I am liking how most of us have treated him..
    Very beautifully crafted.. xox

    Good Wishes- Happy Potluck

  11. if you aren't having fun-what;s the point? Fun as usual reading your delightful poem!

  12. It's apparent you are having a lot of fun sharing your wit in the blogosphere. Most entertaining.

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  15. Glad you avoided the snake pit! Fun poem! :)


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