Monday, 16 August 2010

Climate Change

IXL, union hater and ex-entrepreneur, stayed over yesterday. That guaranteed lively political debate with me, ex-unionist and 'champion' of workers' rights.

She is upset that Rudd was toppled when the party doubted he could win a second term. That the party elected Julia Gillard to replace him in that way upset a lot of people, not least the Opposition who probably saw him as easier to beat.

So what was debated over breakfast?

IXL is so upset with Gillard, she will vote Green but place the Conservatives ahead of labor as her second preference.

I say, I would rather a Labor government under Gillard than Conservatives under Abbott based on policies, including discrimination against women and homosexuals, being against regulating the big polluters or consider Cap and Trade carbon reduction legislation.

So, whether you usually vote Lab or Lib or Green, maybe this time we need to ignore media sensationalism and read up on what each party intends to do about the dire and urgent problem of climate change.

Discalimer: As you may have guessed, at least this time around, I am supporting the Greens and for the first time in my life, will be manning a booth, handing out voting info. I am that concerned.

Christine Milne

While climate is warming the deeps
And Libs follow Tony like sheeps.
Vote Green: Milne and Brown,
Keep the temperature down,
Before we go under for keeps!

PS. While looking for a solar array pic, I found that Ford Motor Company is building a solar array to support their development of electric cars.

PPS. Greens are short a few brave volunteers to man all polling booths in Fairfax. Fairfax stretches from Maroochydiore to near Noosa, and out to Nambour and up to Eumundi. So if you would like to help, e-mail me and I will pass you on to Helen who is organising the bodies. XX


  1. I agree with a lot of your political views Stafford: worker's rights, environmentalism, equality and fairness. I'll be watching this with interest :)

  2. I'm on your side Stafford (my Mum hates unions but my Dad's dad was head of the plasterers union years ago) - we try not to talk politics at family functions - haha. I'll have to leave Australia if Abbott is our next Prime Minister. That's great what Ford is wanting to do (notice their share price dropped - hope it's not related). Great limerick 'sheeps' hey! Youse reckons thats right? lol

  3. Gabrielle! Have to leave Australia if Budgie Smugs wins? You must be gay, a worker, sick, out of work, homeless, worried about climate change and food miles or you are a woman. Now own up. Which is it!

  4. For a minute I thought you meant you were the person who (in this country at least) mans the polling station - ticking you off as you come into vote (to ensure you don't try twice).
    I had my politcal rant yesterday on someone elses blog, so am all ranted out, but good on you - from one ex-union rep!

  5. I loves me a good activist .... a life long one at that!

  6. If Tony Abbott were to meet me he would characterise me as a gay loving, irreligious, feminist socialist who hugs trees and is so eco-friendly she wants to recycle everything including her own urine.

    I'm with Gabe. It will be extremely hard for me to live under an Abbott regime. I am hoping and praying this week that the Aussie public are not as stupid as he thinks they are. I will be voting for Julia but, as always, the Greens get my 2nd preference. And I will probably vote for them in the Senate. Bob Brown is a hero of mine. Whatever anyone says about him at least he is trying to do something positive.
    It will be a nerve-wracking day on Saturday.


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