Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Australian Election 2010.

How to vote.

Julia Gillard and Labor’s hit squad,
Left a big gap without Rudd, the poor sod.
So put in that vacuum
Our Cath-o-lic backroom.
Vote Abbott and Bishop, get Pell, Pope and God!

Note: Scaremongering.

As a passionate and frustrated environmentalist, I offer just two thoughts to my Aussie mates.

1. The facts on the environment are in. (Frost, Garneau et al). It is dire and it is urgent. The media seems more interested in the 'length of Julia Gillard's ear lobes' than floods, famine and dying oceans. You and I know what must be done and it can't be started sooner! :-)

2. If you are afraid Greens in Parliament will be too extreme, remember they have five seats in the Senate and even if they get another two, they can be voted down by any Lib/Lab combination with over sixty seats between them!


  1. I have a passionate interest in politics, and I don't know much about Australian politics, so this was a very interesting read. I too am an environmentalist so having green MPs is brilliant. I was so happy when Caroline Lucas, leader of the Green Party in the UK, was finally elected to the House of Commons during the UK General Election. We need more members of government who are truly dedicated to solving one of the biggest, if not the biggest, crisis facing humanity at the present moment.

  2. I love your comments about the ear lobes (sorry if its true) but I cannot understand the medias obsession with such trivia - it one of my pet rants how the media dumb down everything.
    Look forward to the Aussie results and yes I hope you get at least one more enviromentalist in

  3. Yes, Stafford the media always has an obsession with the trivial and does not focus on what matters. Thank you for keeping us informed with flair. :-)

  4. Yes Sam, MB and Carrie. The idea that this unique planet was not created to be the exclusive plaything of Man is a bit new for many, so for people to want to consider the reality of a finite and overstressed planet, it requires a break with past attitudes and (dare I say it) dogma.
    As the Chinese say, 'may you live in interesting times'. We do, and times promise to continue to be thus for everyone, but more constructively for those who choose to be informend and participate!

  5. And here I thought the US had cornered the market on 'idiot' media! Do you get to watch Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert in AUS? They make such good fun of all the buffoons!

    (OH ~ just how long are her earlobes?)

    Hoping the election goes the way of the Green! Our planet is counting on us ............

  6. Hear hear. I am so disillusioned with all the arguments that climate change isn't happening as well as all the environmental problems we continue to endure. There is a Native American saying that goes along the lines of :'When all the trees are gone we will realise that we can't eat money.'

    I will do what I can and vote Green this election. I hope that it can make a difference. Good on you for posting about this!

  7. Great post Stafford, so I am forgiving you the KFC crack :) Have you heard the stuff about the watermelon faction of the greens - too ridiculous - green on the outside, red on the inside (it's the modern day equivalent of reds under the bed). Here's to the greens.

  8. Helen, I have no idea how long they are, she keeps them hidden under luxuriant red hair! So short of stroking her hair away from her long sensuous neck... Sorry, back to policies.

    Selma, I have been letterboxing for the Greens in SE Qld and was disgusted to see pamphlets in mail boxes shouting: PROTECT OUT BORDERS. VOTE LIBERAL.
    So what does that reall mean when we consider that 2% of illegal entries arrive by boat. 80% of arrivals by boat are found to be genuine refugees. 98% arrive by air and 20% of those are found to be genuine refugees.
    However, if we want a scapegoat group to demonise, the few boat people who make it here are perfect targets! Shame Abbott, shame!

    Note: figures quoted above are anecdotal, but even if wrong by a big margin either way, are still a total indictment of Abbott's misuse of these unfortnates as election fodder!

    Old dogs and children and watermelon... Love it. GB, I don' care what we are called as long as we address the issues. Ideological labels and purity is for narrow minds. KFC? I thought you already had a Henny Penny!

  9. I don't know what you are talking about Stafford. By the way, did you know the Australian Poetry Centre is after poems about the election (including limericks) - just go to their website if you haven't seen it.

    an award for you,
    Happy Weekend,

    have fun in political games.


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