Friday, 23 July 2010

Magic moments reclaimed in a Magpie

I hope this heart felt poem about a real event is worth a second outing as a Magpie Magic. That tour with the Japanese cabaret show 'Tokyo by Night' in about 1971 produced drama, farce, (see Samurai in Cooma, posted June 2010) a lot of fun, much effort spent by both the Japanese performers and Australian musicians learning about each other and a few very tender moments.

Echko Namazawa

Stage doll of Nipon
Dancing through my
Nights of magic.

Body of grace and
Exquisite face were
Beyond lust.

But while I slept,
She came once unbidden
To my room.

Waking to soft hands,
I should have, but could not
Send her away.

Mooloolaba 2010.


  1. Ah....the 70's.

    The wild, free, wonderful and completely crazy times!

    Mine was a tennis pro.

  2. a beautiful poem
    and an ember

  3. Ah Stafford!! You suffered for your art. Commendable. And your love child Sukiyaki Ray?

  4. A captivating and beautiful poem about the tender moments that we never forget. You may be an ex-almost everything, but you are definitely a poet in the here and now! :-)

  5. A tantalizing memory tendered to prose for an appreciative audience.

    Ahh, to have had such a moment!

  6. Lovely Magpie, of course you couldn't send her away. Great piece.

  7. spontaneous passion of the unbidden kind...just the best!

  8. Some ships should pass in the night. Others cannot resist the tide.

  9. A different time and place. Beautifully written, this memory of yours!

  10. this should be staged, man. like noh art, this comes so silent, memories so effacing...

    - noiseless patient spider

  11. oooooo lovely !!! No regrets- since you did NOT send her away....Great Magpie!

  12. sent her away? and make us miss this magic?

  13. Oh, for such magical moments. *sigh*

    Your Magpie's captivate and tickle me. And I'm still giggling at your comment over at Berowne's!

  14. Very creative Magpie, I really like it.

  15. Oh, Stafford, we have to cherish those special times. I've had a few myself. I think they were better than my marriages!!

  16. Woven into the ' Delicate Fabric '
    Of this * EXQUISITE * little poem
    Is the Magical World of Sensuous Dreaming
    A Rare and Gentle Glimpse into * The Elixer of Life *
    Through the * Eyes of The Master *

  17. This is such a lovelylittle poem. Thank you.

  18. You caught the sensuality and the mystery. Lovely.

  19. Absolutely beautiful, I can sense the exotic beauty...Great Magpie Stafford...bkm

  20. Sigh - very nice. Better written than one of my romances, but still the same flavor of forbidden pleasure

  21. Dear Stafford Ray: A very sensual triste of the literary kind! Exotic exotica with much taste and finesse!

    "But while I slept,
    She came once unbidden"

    Very Lovely dream imagery.

  22. Lovely..we should never send away beautiful gifts!!

  23. precious moments are vividly captured.
    valid and fun style!

  24. Really nice! Loved it!
    P.S. Who in his right mind would ever send a willing woman away? ( she'll probably kill that person...I know, I will).

  25. You've gotta love it when that happens! Awesome piece.

  26. I am happy you showed me here
    love the tenderness of it.
    and had to smile and agree with your last strophe


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