Monday, 19 July 2010

In the lifetime of a tooth.

Growing new, erupting gums,
Invention, mass production comes.
Baby teeth, come loose then fall,
Oil and coal, great fortunes call.

Playing children, careless brushing,
Manufacture, progress rushing.
Fluoride, flossing? Do that later.
CFC’s? why? Does it matter?

Caries, bone loss, gum disease?
Species loss and falling trees.
Change the diet, brush with vigour.
Natures’ gaps becoming bigger.

Root nerves out, replace with filling.
Deep sea wells, expand the drilling.
Cap and polish, smiling pleasure.
Coal-seam gas, a temp’ry measure.

Abscess pain, remove the teeth
Valdez grinds on rocks beneath.
Plastic dentures, foreign things.
Deep sea wells leak oily rings.

Loss of taste, a life less rich.
Smothered wetlands, ‘just a hitch’.
False teeth moving unintended.
Regulations, laws extended.

Dentures soak, regress in dreams.
Spud new gushers, virgin seams.
Tired and old, a dying flame.
Spills and spoiling, who to blame?

A man gives up, eternal rest.
But what of we, the people left?
We will quibble over cost,
Procrastinate ‘til all is lost!


  1. My, you seem full of angst today ... always a hope of overcoming seemingly impossible situations ... yes?

  2. Oh my....angst is right....but it was fun to read about it

  3. Gawd! Who'd a thought teeth could elicit such big thoughts.

    When do we get to see them?


  4. Brilliant Stafford and it is pretty much in the period of a lifetime (or a tooths lifetime) that all this has happened. Just as people think all will be right with their own health (she'll be right mate) they think all will be well with the earth because that is how it just is and we are so resourceful and resilient. Well wake up and smell the oil because maybe we aren't as smart as we think we are. Denial is more than a river in Egypt. I'm ranting now aren't I - haha.

  5. Hmmm, sounds like you had an appointment with your dentist today! :D

  6. Thanks for this post - always a pleasure to read!

  7. I love the comparison between the oil disasters and the more personal one of tooth loss and dentures :)

  8. I like that you've combined the individual with the world here.

  9. Okay seriously? You are fast becoming my favorite poet!!

  10. That is absolutely brilliant! I love your witty writing. Just wait 'til I tell my friends on you - I am sure they will be as hooked as I am.

  11. Commiserations ! Dear Stafford
    Please accept * A Special Butterfly X *
    With a * Special Butterfly Wish *
    For * A Speedy & Successful Recovery *


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