Monday, 28 June 2010

‘Ware you sit!

Wearing false teeth has its rules
And here’s one for silly old fools:
“Don’t leave your dentures
On chairs, seats or benches.”
You could lose the Family Jewels.


  1. This is a charming and really rather wonderful post! It made me smile, but that picture is quite freaky :D

  2. haha. my dad lost his last week...found them in the cup holder of the van...kinda freaked my boys

  3. It's bound to happen
    you are a funny guy

  4. Now which family jewels would they be I wonder - hahaha!

  5. By the way, I like your new choppers - hahaha!

  6. You are the King of the Limericks

    Noice teef

  7. that photo and that poem are HILARIOUS!

  8. Apsolutely love it! Thanks for all the smiles!

  9. Love the way your mind works ~ where it goes! Quite the warning ..... and very funny.

  10. Cute! I like that one, and the picture too.

  11. Thanks for coming to visit me? You asked what was my favorite red. I immediately thought of wine but did you mean the color red? In terms of wine, I like many but I think I prefer a good shiraz, which your country does the best - though the U. S. makes some very fine syrahs. I was in my glory when I did my twelve day Sydney to Auckland cruise many years ago. I was impressed with your white wines as well. I also like our American zinfandels, some of the Argentinian malbecs and I'm not adverse to a nice merlot or cab. Actually, I enjoy most wines as long as they're not too sweet ( with
    dessert, perhaps, and even then, not much ). Since my job loss 15 months ago and my income drop of $90,000/year, my wine purchases have plunged.

  12. Tut! Tut!
    How Frightfully Cruel
    The Removal of ' THOSE ' Family Jewels '
    Never ' A NEW ONE OR TWO '
    So When ' False', Bright and New
    Never Bite Off ....
    Much More Than You Chew

  13. Thanks everyone, but I need advice. How do I get the dog to give back my new teef?

  14. Teach him to * Read Your Blogs * Stafford
    He'll .. * Laugh The Buggers Out * ..
    He! Haw! Ho!....


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