Monday, 9 May 2011

Bin Laden Afterthought

I read the Horse Whisperer, and occasionally stumble upon a Dog Whisperer on TV and we now have Teenage Children Whisperers and all, but what we really need right now is a “Radical Fundamentalist Religion Whisperer”.

Pic borrowed from London Daily Mail.


  1. No matter how unhappy Pakistanis are with America, America is no less unhappy with Pakistan. I mean, we give those guys $20-billion a year to be our friends!

  2. Snow, whatever led the US (and Australia) to believe friends can be bought! Beggars despise their benefactors. Pride is so damaged they bite the hand that feeds them at every opportunity while manipulating for more largesse!
    A part of me says 'leave them to stew'. Every nation needs its baptism of fire. We constantly intervene hoping they will become 'democratic', and so adopt the West (mainly the US) as mentors and trade with us as did Japan post WW2.
    Plus, we can no longer afford, financially or politically, the policy of Forward Defence that allows us to fight our 'enemies' in their countries rather than our own (as we did in Korea, Vietnam, Malasia, Iraq, Afghanistan and now Pakistan).
    Dare I suggest that if we had kept out of those conflicts they would have ended sooner, cost us zilch and we would have enjoyed better security and even friendly relationships with whatever governments eventuated.
    PS. Cuba must be considering a return to some sort of individual-interest based economy, now that its mentor has ditched fundamentalist communism. China also has been gradually pulling back from Maoist totalitarianism.
    Have the big stick handy, but keep it in your pocket.

  3. One last thought.
    A friend might even even try to put a hand in your pocket only to discover the stick. Then the friend will ask: "Is that a big stick in your pocket, or are you really pleased to see me!"

  4. Keep ' Rollin Em Out ' Stafford

    **Fundamentalists Are Sharpening More Than Big Sticks As We Speak ** and
    ** Stuffin Em In Their Backpacks **
    The ** Biggest Joke Is Our Complacency **

    Your So Right Stafford ..
    We Should Have Big Sticks Handy and :-


  5. yes- instead of money- which is stupid- we should just smile with a big stick in our pocket.
    ps money just doesn't buy friends.

  6. "Snow, whatever led the US (and Australia) to believe friends can be bought! Beggars despise their benefactors."

    Damn! We're forever giving evil regimes billions of dollars, and they're forever SAYING they're our friends. I mean, it's not like they could be lying or something.

  7. Love the way your comments become posts on their own.

    One last thought ~ I come bearing sticks (I mean gifts)

  8. Snow! Pakistanis lie? Wash your mouth out!
    Yes Helen, the US did come bearing a stick that was also a gift, ie, the internet.
    After that, all we needed to do is sit back and watch it creep into all the dark corners of their societies. From there it was always simply a matter of time.
    The Ayatollas will fall, like Mabarak, Ghadaffi and the rest of them, simply because their women have glimpsed freedom. They probably always knew they were being conned, while their religions subjugated them and excluded them, but they can now compare notes and organise.
    Tyrants no longer control knowledge.

  9. "Snow, whatever led the US (and Australia) to believe friends can be bought! Beggars despise their benefactors."

    Okay, pin me to the wall, will you? Hugh Hefner taught us that. He's 85 and just married a 24 year old, so the U.S. government figured that if it works for Hef, it would work for them too.

  10. Hefner and a 24YO, you say? So I ask: "What 'works for Hef'?"
    And you answer; "Nothing!" Haha!

  11. snort...its worth the read just for the conversation in the comments...ha...whose controling the whisperers?

  12. Brian, if there is an answer it must be "julian Assange"!


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