Tuesday, 13 May 2014

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Once I built a tree house
High up in the sky,
There I watched departing leaves,
Imagined I could fly.

So now I’m in Emergency
My body wrapped in plaster
With broken bones, no dignity
An absolute disaster.

Please go to Magpie Tales for a more believable explanation.

Coal: nature's hazardous waste dump.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Oops, way too many typos!

      Call the doctor, call the nurse
      Itching now is quite ferocious
      Psychosomatic so they say
      Stress induced neurosis

      Nothing fake about my itch
      Real as real can be
      Just wait until I blow this joint
      Live high in the sky, up in my tree

    2. I haven't had time to look at other contributions yet, but if this is a typical sample, I had better got to it! X

  2. This take on the Magpie prompt is so reminiscent of childhood...particularly of my own sons and their many misadventures with delusions of flight and resulting broken limbs. Thanks for evoking nostalgic memories.

  3. Now I'm feeling an itch in my body cast...

  4. your poem leaves me in stitches
    no plaster cast for me
    you can have those pesky itches
    while I'm back up in the tree

    Love your imagination Stafford!

    1. Now listen up, you lot! It is not a good look when the comments are smarter than the post!!!

  5. ...but your words are no disaster Stafford...they always make me smile.


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