Monday, 5 December 2011

You had better be quick!

A few years ago I had a new sail cover made from duck at a cost of $500.
A sail cover is pretty basic. Just a more or less rectangular sheet, hemmed with a zipper on one end and an eyelet on the other, with a few clip-together straps in between.
As I now need two new sail covers plus new mattress covers plus new covers for the dining alcove cushions, plus (if I can handle it) sail repairs, I decided that I need a sewing machine and began to research them. I was advised I would need a machine that had a 'walking foot' for the thick stuff, a high lift foot and was powerful enough for vinyl and leather.
At Spotlight (FYO Spotlight sells mainly stuff for sewers. No, silly, not those smelly old pipes in the ground, I mean those old fashioned people who still make things with needle and thread), with IXL, who had developed a yen to compete with Beijing and sew clothes for sale, I saw what I wanted. It had all of the above.

How much? $249.
I thought that was a bit too cheap to be any good but was advised by Lynne that it came with a three year warranty. Then when I hesitated because I was still wondering if it was too cheap to be any good, Lynne advised me to 'wait until next week and it is on special for $75 off'.
So I told her to put my name on it and I would be back. Then, while IXL was busy choosing enough cloth to do a Christo and wrap Sydney Harbour Bridge, I filled out the application form and received a VIP Club card.

Two days later, in the paper there appeared an ad for Spotlight that offered 20% off all sewing machines. Also I was reminded that VIP membership entitled me to a further $40 off any purchase over $100!
Are you still with me?

The math is as follows:
20% off $249 (rounded) is $50, plus the VIP discount of $40 comes to a total discount of $90!

When I presented the ad and my VIP card to Lynne, she was surprised to say the least. But she agreed with my maths, so here is my brand new Toyota Jeans machine for $160! Howzat!
(This confluence of offers ends today).


  1. smart man! will we see the results of this financial adventure?

  2. They often have that $40 off sewing machines offer at Spotlight. You got a good bargain there!
    All you have to do now is learn how to operate it, Stafford :)
    I won't let my husband anywhere near mine! If things are not proceeding in a timely fashion he tends to start forcing things. He also seems to think it should be able to sew through anything. Make sure you get a packet of strong jeans needles to cope with the work.

  3. Thanks Sue, and you are right about learning to operate it and I will go there today for appropriate needles. I also need thread that is UV stable. Advice anyone?
    To Kathe, you will see only the successes!

  4. How can you make a sail out of duck? (hehe) Good luck with the sewing - sounds horrific (I was under the impression you knew what you were doing - hmmm).

  5. GB, Oh ye of little faith! But then again, whatever caused you to think I know what I am doing? Yes, I may have cut off more than I can sew!
    PS: 1. One covers the sail with duck only when it is down. Ouch!
    2. Have you never heard anyone say: "Duck for cover"? I hadn't eider. Enough! I am retiring hurt.

  6. Bwahahahaha - quack, quack :)

  7. So you were only allowed to publish once the offer was over?

  8. haha, congratulations!!! 'chapeau down' for you sewing it yourself, well impressed here! :-)

  9. Wow wow wow nothing beats a bargin. What great luck!


  10. That's an awesome buy/deal! And patience played a good role too... lol...


  11. Lucky guy, Stafford! It's most rewarding keeping busy with things you love! Best wishes!


  12. Dear Stafford,

    Now here's the title of your next book, apart from Green In The Bag and Quirky Life Notes.

    Best Deals Gone Forever Exposed

    Missing all of you out there.

  13. Now that's a deal to end all deals. By the way, does the sail Quack when you raise it?

  14. Selma, don't! Ok then, sails do not 'quack', they 'thplit'.


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