Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Hey! A guy has to start somewhere!

When is a tailor a sewer?
So here I was home with my seven metres of duck, two reels of polyester thread I was assured was UV stable and a set of leather needles. But I was nowhere near confident that I was ready for the big jobs so I cast about for practice material and there hanging beside the hatchway was a bevy of holey shopping bags.

I reckon those green (black, blue, pink) bags are built to last about a week then degrade but hey, who cares if I stuff up! So I zigged and I zagged over rips and tears giving new life to half a dozen old bags. But there was one with an actual hole.

So, I cut a bit of old cloth and sewed it inside,

then zig-zagged over the raggedy edges.

As Ninotaziz pointed out, the term for a bloke who sews is a tailor. But after viewing this effort she may agree I am still a sewer; effective but messy.

Today, back to Spotlight for some marine vinyl. Why? I need more practice, so the next job is a cover for the BBQ. The pattern is almost done, so be patient.


  1. I can see this turning into a new hobby. It won't be long before you're taking orders from fellow sea-farers. I find sewing quite meditative - but I've got to be in the mood to start with. A bit of advice. If things start to go wrong, step away from the machine and go get a coffee. Do not resort to swearing and shaking and forcing. It doesn't work and makes you very cross and will knacker your machine.

  2. A bloke sewing! This is great,Stafford! I'm following. At ground floor, you are taking us from square one to a journey of discovery. Zero on sewing but a keen observer, I'll follow.
    Strangely, only about 2 weeks ago accompanied a friend looking for someone to restore a designer bag. We found one. Restoration of bags,shoes,leather jackets etc. They did cleaning and colors. They put the shine back and none the wiser. Not quite the same but your putting patches on bags reminded me of it.
    Go for it,Sir!


  3. Confession 1. To get the bobbin in I turned the whole machine on its side. Isn't tension adjustment a bitch?!

  4. Very impressed Stafford - you'll be saving money at the end of this :)

  5. Wow. Remarkable, Stafford Ray. Somehow I am reminded of jack and The Beanstalk and Doctor Foster who went to Gloucester. Don't ask me why she killed the fly.

    Perhaps she'll die.

    Anyway, on a more serious note - great stuff Stafford. Sir hanks up there knows a thing or two about the journey to discovery.

  6. I am sure there is a simplier way to insert the bobbin Stafford.

    I am delighted that you are acquiring this new skill, but I think I agree you have a while to go yet before you can call yourself a tailor.

  7. You are some man, best of luck with your project and make sure to keep on with the updates.


  8. Stafford, there's a little hinged do-hickey on the bobbin container which you lift up to get it out. Tipping the machine is not good.
    I know real men don't need instructions, but I'm sure it came with a book on all the intricacies of loading bobbins etc. I've found it saves time and temper to refer to it once in a while (big smiles).
    Also, check in your book, there may be a pressure adjustment lever on the foot shaft which allows you to alter the pressure depending on what you are sewing. There's one on mine - it's hidden inside the casing that covers the works over the foot.
    I've also found it helps to have a practice on a small sample of whatever you are sewing - it's easier to get loose than big stuff. Plus if all else fails you can always cut it loose.
    Hugs, Sue :)

  9. I need a new cover for my lawnmower (hint hint)
    I am very impressed by your sewing skills. There's a story or a song in there - the Sewing Sailor Went To Sea....


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