Monday, 24 October 2011

Where does a magpie park?

Standing on a tram ticket, tomorrow a postage stamp.

He made for us, Venus and Mars
The sun and the moon and the stars.
But God made a boo-boo
That haunts me and you too,
With no parking space for our cars.


  1. GRGM -- Good Rhyme Good Meter. Nice take on the prompt.

  2. Ah, very apt over here in people-crowded and car-crowded UK. Very neat.

  3. ha certainly not in the beat to this sir...

  4. The bane of city living. Wears you off going in circles. True enough! Tension and high blood recordings are worrying!


  5. I mostly cycle downtown, and even I have trouble finding a spot to lock up. Great limerick. My Magpie Tales this week is In Vince’s Car.

  6. Clearly, parking space for our cars is not GOD's job. Boo-hoo. Cars, and most things associated, surely must be playthings of the devil. Yikes. And therefore it is certainly righteous for one to leave the two ton transportation behind and walk nearby, whenever possible.

    Do you really think postage stamps will end? Interesting to consider. Enjoyable and nicely written bit, of course ... you're welcome


  7. You are so good at this! Always enjoy my visit...this is surely no exception!

  8. You almost make it seem a happy occasion ... really fun to say out loud!

  9. You do this so well, do rhymes pop into your mind quickly ~ or do you ponder over these gems?

  10. haha - bloody carparking - good reason enough to leave the city - but parking a boat would be even more difficult, I can imagine (and knowing nothing about boats I am probably wrong ;) )

  11. The city's rise, are jammed with
    mechanical steel, plastic, and
    modums, as our motor vehicles
    are just computers on wheels,
    and as the globe shrinks, and
    the news hits the media three
    long seconds after any event,
    we curse the parking meters
    when we can find them, cluster
    in commuter trains and buses,
    pour strong coffee into our
    guts, read the last of the printed
    news looking for a crossword,
    hope not to get fired today,
    laugh at our mismatched socks,
    think about the trash TV we
    watched last night, and daydream
    about cruises in sailboats where
    flying fish jump our bow, and the
    vastness of the sea giggles at our
    urban nightmares.

  12. I love coming here because I know I'm always going to leave with a smile...

  13. brilliant title,
    magpie parks all over the blogging land.

  14. That's a terrific picture--gives a guy vertigo!

  15. Thanks everyone, and Glenn, we have not forgotten to tell you about our adventure, it has just been too hectic to write anything but a quick ditty now and then!
    Pics and all are coming.
    However, we have some news.
    Tiz has been renamed. Remember, she is a 26 ton steel behemoth so because of her weight and bullying power and as a nod to my musical past, she is now HEAVY METAL!

  16. It's a ruddy nightmare, alright! I've ran out the car and personally occupied a space before another car gets it! Didn't make me popular but there's only so many times round a shopping mall car park one can take...!

  17. Fun and refreshingly witty, with these few lines you made me smile!
    Thanks for your comment, I have been away from magpie for a while unfortunately. I can't seem to keep up. However, your comment reminded me how fun they are and I will definitely take my time to write an entry for the next one. Thank you!

  18. Are you serious about the name change to Heavy Metal - hahaha (my hubby is a big heavy metal fan - in fact doesn't listen to much else - unlike me who has a fabulous eclectic taste in music - haha)

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  21. You make reading Magpies worth while! :)


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