Monday, 31 October 2011

Magpie colours

Old technology.

I take such pains to make it right,
Avoiding mundane and the trite,
Seeking hues
Just right to use,
But out it comes in black and white!

PS. All the writers in my family were girls except the electric typewriter which was a Brother.

More writers' blues can be read about at Magpie Tales.


  1. Oh good stuff - love the Brother bit!

    Anna :o]

  2. I had a Brother sewing machine - and a brother brother, too, come to think of it...LOL

  3. Dear Stafford: Oh Brother! This is absolutely fantastico! I adore this even if it was only ever, back then, in "black and white". I remember those days quite well!jj Chiccoreal

  4. Stafford,
    Great Limerick! Prints black and white and stuff. I can relate to that. Thanks for the memory!


  5. I like this Stafford ... black and white. It would have been nice to have a brother.

  6. the sisters were writers and the brother was typist?

  7. lovely black and white - my first non-paper and pencil writing device was an Olivetti portable typewriter for going to university! and that was back in the "dark ages"

  8. 15 years ago, the VA took
    away my trusty IBM Selectric,
    with correction mode, and gave
    me the Apple brick, the first
    computer we begin to use in
    place of typewriters. I moved
    slowly to accept keyboarding
    replacing typing; but here we
    are, butt-deep in technology,
    strapped to our new habitual
    behaviors; but love your glance
    back; never heard of a Brother
    for some reason; have a real
    one to compensate though.

  9. Black and white, but read all over. Nicely done, with an audible groan at the end. My Magpie this week is Poet.

  10. there is something comforting in the black and white though...funny on the PS stafford...

  11. Our typewriter was my this Stafford! :-)

  12. Nice one, Stafford. Reminds me that we are all singers in our family, apart from the sewing machine.

  13. Nice. I had a tan Brother at one point!

  14. No one could call you mundane OR trite ... loved this little ditty. This comment comes to you from lovely Roswell in Atlanta Georgia! Hope you are safe and happy!

  15. I don't think I've ever seen a poetic P.S. Very well done.

  16. And Brother is still around... in some form.

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