Tuesday, 2 August 2011

In the eye of the Beholder Magpie.

Point of View.

“What a kind and thoughtful plan,
Thinking, thinking, clever man!”
He said, while watching cows a-grazing.
“He really is. He's quite amazing!”

My furrowed brow and eyebrows raised 
Should have said; 'I'm clearly fazed'.
But then I said; 'I've no idea
What is your meaning, please be clear!'

Then confounding revelation,
Added more to my confusion.
“I’ll be damned!” He said. “I’ve never
Seen devices quite so clever!”

None the wiser, needing more
To understand and still unsure
To what this city man alluded,
Thinking, ‘obviously, deluded!’

But soon enlightened I became
As Cedric went on to exclaim;
“Poor cows and calves, in summer heat
Suffer so, with no retreat.”

Then his eyes led mine to gaze
Further on through shimm’ring haze
To where the farmer, we discerned
Was sitting. “That’s a rest well earned,”

He said. “His kindliness rewarded
Should be talked about, applauded.
He clearly did the best he can
By putting up that cattle fan!”

More kindness can be found at Magpie Tales.
Picture borrowed from NebraskaTravels.com


  1. "Cattle fan" Beautiful concept Stafford. You do have a way with the rhymes mate. That would take me a month to write. Did you watch Q&A last night? I wanted to jump through the screen and throttle that english bloke and Peter Dutton wasn't much better. How come liberal politicians can never actually speak with any honesty and insight. It's only ever slogans and denial of humanity. Tanya Pleb .... was great. I'm a little biased but For Gods Sake can we not simply have a real debate in this country. Heather Ridout was a revelation. She can think in more than black and white and took Dutton on about the lack of substance in the Liberal diatribe.

  2. ha ha...cattle fan
    only you Stafford,only you

  3. Bwahahahahaha - hilarious Staffo :)

  4. smiles...fun play and a deft pen stafford...

  5. Cattle fan, can it help? Give it a shot, let's see. I'm inclined to give them a shower. Passing them along some sprays like that of a car wash perhaps.

  6. Nice one, Stafford. I like it.

  7. I love how you helped us see a windmill in a new perspective! Very fun to read.

    And I really enjoyed your comment on my blog. Thanks for stopping by!

  8. Cattle fan! Only you could come up with this :) I love it!

  9. No diamond in the rough, this one sparkles! Thanks for the gem comment .... rough going here!

  10. "Cattle fan" ... completely reeled in here. Outstanding.


  11. I am dumbfounded. It's soooooo funny!

    How are things Downunder? It's a bit rough here. Food prices this fasting month has sky-rocketed!

  12. Cattle fan....you are an amazing man indeed Stafford. You are funny,poetic,and brilliant all in one!!


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