Thursday, 5 January 2012

New Years Eve 2011.

Friday dawned calm and cool, light breeze forecast and although on the nose, it was only four hours after all, so it was go, destination Snails Bay, just upstream from the 'coathanger' where the traffic is light and the view excellent. Lisajane was aboard, first time at sea, so we dosed her up and she enjoyed the ride, particularly the second half when we were able to hoist the Genoa mainly to keep her steady against the SE swells.
Coming through Sydney Heads, with high and rugged cliffs on both sides, we could almost have been Arthur Philip, entering for the first time. Cook had sailed past unaware of the labyrinth of bays where, as Philip remarked 'could anchor three hundred ships of the line' or the river beyond that could have taken them upstream to where Parramatta now stands and relatively fertile land was available.
Since then I have felt too tired to blog, BUT we had aboard designer, photographer and blogger Cate Holst who's photos came out well, so we could do worse than refer you to her blog for some good shots.
Be strong and scroll down past her mango tart recipe, the last of which we gobbled down last night with the (almost) last of IXL's wine trifle.
We have a day of recovery today before we are overwhelmed by my youngest and her energetic brood tomorrow.


  1. Oh my, those photos are wonderful
    What an evening you must have had
    glad you did
    And your friend's blog is terrific...and I didn't skip past any recipe
    she sounds delightful
    Have fun with the little ones....

  2. Sounds wonderful and I am very jealous (though I would probably get seasick) - the photos are great.

  3. The photos are fantastic - and like Suz I didn't skip the recipe, which looked truely scrumptious.

    Happy New Year - may 2012 bring you everything you wish for etc.

  4. Somehow Stafford I could not open the blog. I will check them out when I get home. Happy New Year to you and do email your address over to
    I have something for you.

  5. Dear Stafford,
    Oh gorgeous gorgeous Australia, my birthland. Today I yearn for you.

    Loved the photos. Loved the passionfruit, mango tart and pomegranate. I was lost for a while in the absolutely delicious blog.

  6. Congrats on the 100 followers! Hope you have a great New Year!

  7. WOW. The photos are fantastic and it was so amazing to see your boat. I can just imagine you as Arthur Philip standing there with your telescope and your shiny boots. Coming through the heads is not for the faint-hearted - very choppy. Enjoy your time with your family!


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