Thursday, 19 January 2012

Magpie-blub one-blubdred.

If dying by violence, the best
is drowning, as experts attest;
I'd rather have choice
to choose something noice,
and not put that theory to test!


If anyone presumed I had drowned, they are wrong.
My lack of blog activity is mainly due to lack of access.
Here in Yeoman's Bay there is the occasional blip, just enough to push a Magpie into Cyberspace.
But in case anyone is tempted to feel sorry for me, I include these i-camera shots of my surrounds taken a few minutes ago. The 27 fish in the bucket are tailor caught yesterday and now in my fridge! Other shots are of the bay facing north and south. Oh how I am suffering in this silence and isolation!

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  1. I'm sorry about your problem there. I really am.

    Why the hell would drowning be considered a great to die. How about a quick stroke, or a narcotic overdose, or an unexpected bolt of lightning?

  2. My deepest sympathies for your suffering - I think one of those beauties in the bucket has my name on it. Braaied with a dressing of garlic butter and black pepper please.

  3. I too am in knots condidering your prolonged suffering at sea - oh how the lonliness and isolation must be eating away at you! :o] (I suppose eating the fine fish might make up it for it?)

    Limerick ace - I would hate to drown because you would know you were! Rather something very quick while I was doing something I was enjoying...

    Anna :o]

  4. I agree....such suffering
    I should suffer so

  5. Yes, and the suffering is sure to continue while I await repairs to my sewing machine before patching up covers from IXL's lovely old traditional river boat.
    But, your sympathies are welcome. And anyone who pops in will be offered fish, roasted on my BBQ! Oh, so good!

  6. BTW, I agree there must be better ways to go than drowning, as Snow suggests and I leave it to you dear reader to imagine a 'passing' perhaps hinted at by HyperCRIPTICal!
    And as I have noted a few times, the Creator did not do a lot of due diligence on His exit strategies!

  7. If I have to be dead
    just stick me in my bed
    I promise to die
    Just let me lie
    Here under the cover
    While angels hover

    I knew you were having fun-wasn't worried too much! I figured perhaps it was all the post New Years company that created all that silence! Cheers!

  8. Nice magpie, and some great pics. Enjoy your trip.

  9. You broke the sewing machine .. already?

  10. You poor bastard - hahahaha. Drowning would suck, big time - many better ways to die - but love your limerick Stafford.

  11. Fish? Do I smell fresh fishies for yum yums? I so dearly love consuming our fine finned relations--so delicious. I could suffer easily in such surroundings. Looks 'quiet' as in no automobile noise 24/7.
    As for drowning--yeah, whoever said it's nice apparently was never waterboarded nor had water go UP their nose.
    As for exit strategies--either just fall asleep and go to the next adventure OR so fast you have to readjust to the exit on the other side.
    Hey Stafford. It's 2012--O my!

  12. Nice to see you're still around.......!

  13. Can we all come for a fish supper? :)

  14. Can I come alonga Jinksy? Good to see you back . . but how horrid your life must be on Yeoman's Bay. No ringtones. No motor horns. No squwaking iPods. No snarling motor/quad bikes. I mean . . what else can you do but sit writing first class Magpies all day. And fishin'

  15. Actually, these surroundings bring on a laziness I have rarely known. At last I understand the true meaning of maƱana !


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