Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Magpie 4/8 time.

Stave off that truble clef!

I play some guitar, read chords well enough
'N sing county songs, I'm honest but rough.
So just leave me be
I dont wanna see
No paper all covered with golf clubs 'n stuff!

See more pesky golf clubs at Magpie Tales.


  1. Good one, I will leave you alone with you guitar!

  2. The Dixie chicks sang it best .... cowboy take me away! Your Magpie evokes the image of the rough and tumble wrangler, perched on a log, campfire burning, drinking coffee from a tin cup, crooning the night away.
    Under the stars.
    The cowboy and his horse.

  3. Stafford,
    c'est tres magnifique!

  4. I loved the idea of musical notes being thought of as "golf clubs." This tongue-in-cheek piece made me laugh...

  5. Another take on "reading" the sheet music. I would like to hear you sing!

  6. golf clubs...ha ha
    I want to hear you sing too Stafford
    rough and sensuous I'm sure

  7. No doubt you play be ear! How about trying a plectrum, instead? LOL

  8. golf clubs 'n stuff! ... I loved it.

  9. Hah! Golf clubs indeed. I wish I could play by ear.

  10. I cannot read music and damn- I wish I'd seen those golf clubs! hahah!

  11. there's a talent, an art to making words into a song, especially when there's no music playing. this you have done! nicely lyrical and fun...

  12. I love it and can relate - know a lot of self taught musos who can't read music but who are great anyway. Never thought of them as golf clubs - haha.

  13. leave you be...

    enjoy yourself, nobody is perfect ...
    honest and lovely magpie.
    keep it up.

  14. golf clubs eh? I can't read music either ;)

  15. People forget the grand cattle stations
    you have down there, hundreds of
    thousands of acres, and real cowboys
    to work them. I never heard much
    country music when I was there in
    '77, but four months is a drop in
    the saddle bag, what?
    Another mini-masterpiece, sir.
    Personally, I cannot carry a tune
    in a bucket, but sometimes I try

  16. All those treble clefs can get a little intimidating!

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  18. I could hear the sound of the guitar ... great one!

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  20. Clever, witty and absolutely fun - keep the golf clubs off the paper - love it.

  21. Don't despise written music. It's great for composers who want to communicate their ideas to conductors, string sections, impresarios etc.
    Good idea . . . the golf clubs. They're usually birdies perching on the power cables.

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  23. I love a man who loves guitar! The rougher the better!!

  24. I have friends who will love this, so I will share with them.


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