Sunday, 16 January 2011

Deluge and delusion.

Walking into a supermarket and seeing a wall of empty shelves where fruit and vegetables were usually in abundance was the reality check.
This is how it is in third world countries and for people where a war is being fought around their everyday lives.

But yesterday the human spirit lifted its head as twelve thousand volunteers came from all over to Brisbane, to help clean up. Signs are appearing at food, clothing and bedding collection centres; “No more donations please.” That is the reaction of everyday people to a natural disaster that has washed away cars, homes, businesses, crops, livestock and whole families.

Then we have this from Danny Nalliah of Catch the Fire Ministries:

“ …We started the prayer meeting at 7.30pm and would be finishing at 6am but this issue was so urgent, I thought I must get the info out to you as soon as possible, so that we can repent on behalf of Australia.
Around 8pm on Friday night the 7th of January we had a strong prompting by the Holy Spirit to repent on behalf of Australia. As we started doing so, I was reminded that every time America went against Israel, there was disaster in the land and this has been documented over the years.
Then at once I was reminded of Kevin Rudd speaking against Israel in Israel on 14th December 2010. It is very interesting that Kevin Rudd is from QLD. Is God trying to get our attention? Yes, I believe so.
Also the Lord said to us, “ I will humble Australia and bring her down on her knees. As she has taken pride in my blessing, and man has taken the glory and not given it to Me”.

As you know, I support freedom of speech and this grab for cheap self aggrandisement has not changed my mind. However, it does raise another issue and that is our obligation to give everything we hear the ‘bullshit test’, even from 'trusted' sources and particularely from those who claim to hear the 'voice of God’.

My advice to Danny Nalliah is: “Get off your knees, grab a broom and do something useful! But before you leave home, please take the medcation!”

Photo of kangaroo borrowed from here.

PS. Read Danny's rave in full. I did leave a comment on his site but a 'servant of God' removed it.


  1. Was it just Danny who the voice of God?
    If it was just him then we only have his word for it but if there was a whole bunch of them?

    Glad to hear things are getting through and not at all surprised its all hands on deck for the clean up.

  2. Hi MB. He wrote as if it was a bunch, or should that be 'flock' (as in sheep who mindlessly follow)? As I observed over many years as an EB, if the Man of God speaks, we were bound to accept that as the 'word of God'. Remaining in God's good books is vital to people who fear 'his wrath', so they will go along with anything said in His name and so become a force for their MOG, faith, preacher, religion, warlord, take your pick. Ask a question (heresy) and you are out. Pathetic!

  3. That hateful diabribe deserved a most passionate response ~ which you provided ~ perfectly!

  4. My passionate comment deserves proper spelling!



    ' Catch The Fire Ministry '
    The Right Place For Him
    Talks to * BURNING BUSHES *
    Thinks Every Day of * SIN *
    Tis Surely An Indication
    A * Light Bulb Moment *
    ** THINK **
    This ' Dopey * RANTING * Person '

  6. supporting freedom of speech is cool,
    keep it up.

  7. the Perfect Poet Award Notice, Enjoy! Leave your acceptance link under the post after you take it, Thanks!

    This is to honor you for participating poets rally week 36, ignore if you don't take the award...

    Happy Sunday!
    Hope to see you at potluck tomorrow.

  8. It's like something out of The Life of Brian. Blessed are the cheesemakers!

  9. Good grief- as Bugs Bunny would say "What a maroon" It's good to hear from you- I was worried about you and everyone else- Mother Nature has certainly been busy...sorry we're too far away to help sweep up-

  10. The number of volunteers is heartwarming - we have such great forums for communication now - unlike in 1974. No wonder Kevin was helping some young people get there stuff out of their house - he was obviously feeling guilty about being the cause of the flood - bwahahahahaha! And then he got the foot infection (direct punishment for his role in the whole thing - haha).

  11. Goodness gwacious Stafford. What a nutter. That's not freedom of speech that freedom from intelligence - deranged.

    West End has seen a mighty effort by the locals and volunteers. It's been inspiring. I'll post a blog about it. I've been in-communicado for five days with no power or phone. I was one house above the floodline. We were spared. Thank you jesus!
    Things are returning to normal.

  12. The things some folk come away with - eh..? Glad to know things are easing, some disturbing sights on the news.

    ...and that picture of the kangaroo...? You're very welcome - Scotland is hoaching with them!

  13. What a miserable excuse for a human being; a pox on his house, I guess is what I mean. Sorry you even had to know of such words when you have so many other real worries.

  14. 'No more donations, please,' music to my ears. more than enough is wonderful! I'm hoping thing will continue to improve.

    Ahhhh the crap about God and punishment... it's so old and useless.

    I like the way you so often provide intelligent reasonable responses.

  15. Oh for goodness sake. Those people drive me completely batty. I'll make him repent if I ever get hold of him.

    That so and so aside, I am completely heartened by the community spirit currently being shown in Queensland. It makes me realise the good people outnumber the bad!

  16. The BS Test should be part of the school curriculum along with ethics and critical thinking classes. bb


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