Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Alone again, Naturally.

Like a fowl that has recently moulted
Pinks skinned and decidedly naked.
He jumped in the water
With me and my daughter
And right away both of them melted!

Just a bit of silliness to entertain. God knows, we need cheering up.
For more cheering up, go to Magpie Tales. Thanks Tess.XX

 Usually about now, I write something that shows a politician to be stupid, a liar, or both. But why should I bother when Tony is doing it for me. He might be a nice guy to his family, be a sincere worker for the Rural Fire Service and Life Savers, but that is where he belongs, not in charge of the country, the budget, or horrors of horrors, the armed forces. I reckon the next honest and fair person who tells it like it is will be a shoo-in!


  1. Oh, you have leaders (sic) like that, too.

    1. Oh yes, and I think they were hatched from the same sperm donor!

  2. he has outdone himself today, has Mr Abbott, with his comments on lifestyle choices of the indigenous peoples - he has to go!

    1. He 'outdoes' himself every day. I have never known a person, let alone a politician who gets it wrong so consistently. He is even making Morrison look good!!!


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