Monday, 7 April 2014



We come and we go
 And in between,
 We shine;
 Motes in a sunbeam.

 Written for Magpie Tales.

Coal: Nature's hazardous waste dump.


  1. Oh, my! One of 'those' posts! I got a beauty of a one years ago after I revealed that in my childhood I once poured boiling water into my goldfish bowl to 'warm it up' - but of course, I'd killed it!

    My commenter, in about 20 verses, was making sure I knew I was gonna roast in the pits of Hell for doing so!

    Your post, Stafford, is delightful. There really is a beauty in dust!

    1. Well, at least your commenter was 'on message', as they say.

    2. Sorry, all including Steve. I do appreciate and even welcome comment that are at odds with my opinions, but Steve, you were totally off topic and you abused my blogspace so I deleted both 'comments'.

  2. Succinct, splendid, stellar :-)

  3. Just simple and beautiful, no more words necessary.
    thanks for sharing

  4. I am glad I dropped in today. Perfect as it is, Stafford.

  5. Ah i knew it , you have been a motie all along !
    "The Mote in Gods Eye "- thats what your mate up there is trying to tell you , Staff !
    You would like a mate of mine , ( relax, hes not Jesus )
    Ha ha , why doesnt he visit my blog for some unprotected ?

  6. What a lovely way of looking at things...

  7. Ah! Simply stated. Simply beautiful.

  8. ... Has to be one of my all time favorites! Comment comes to you via beautiful Barcelona ....

  9. Replies
    1. Thanks for the visit. I tried to comment on your blog, but could not get past window that wanted to know more about me than I am prepared to give. Sorry.

  10. That's how I see it too Let's call ourselves The Inbetweens. Thanks for stopping by.


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