Monday, 18 June 2012

Marital strain.

Our country lane
after rain,
puddles remain
that never drain.

 Muddy stain
on mats are plain.
Explain, no gain
good feelings wane.

 Next time I’ll take my boots off at the door.

 More at Magpie Tales.
PS. Very little time this week, will explain later.


  1. Reminds me of the (few) times I (may) have yelled at the kids as they were tracking mud into the house! I know better now ....

    (expecting quite an explanation, Sir)

  2. oh yeah, you are in trouble for the footprints on the good carpet for sure...i had to explain blue paint foot prints was not pretty...

  3. Good one Stafford - it's the small things that add up sometimes ;)

    1. You might think it is important to keep knives, forks and spoons each in separate compartments too! IXL refuses to sort them and it drives me crazy!!!!

  4. All of your clever rhymes definitely make up for any muddy tracks, left unnoticed. I love the playfulness. Thank you, Stafford. I enjoyed sharing this.

  5. Whimsical take as always, Stafford! And not forgetting your witticism and this time it rhymes all the way. Great!


  6. Ah, just went to Tess' site and discovered it's an M.C. Escher. I should have known.

  7. Because if you don't, your surely insane!

  8. It had that effect on me, too. Merry Christmas, Mr Stafford

  9. You learned that lesson the hard way! Don’t ever bother to explain...the damage is done.

  10. Muddy paw prints
    from our little Prince
    I paused
    And then laughed
    Because there's always another day
    For a clean house........

  11. My hubby's a stickler for shoes off at the door and things like that. His eyes go straight to your shoes the second you come in - so that's why I chose a family house near a park with muddy patches, small burn, grass cuttings every week and other things that bother him. It's the doggie do's that I go mad at mind you!

  12. Good idea ; ) Hope the good feelings returned...


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