Monday, 22 April 2013

If you’ve got it, flaunt it.

I had my hands around a large latte, taking in the aroma, coaxing warmth from the steaming mug. We were downstairs at Wyong Mall, watching the passing parade; blue rinse matrons with loot from the op shop, mothers and red nosed babies, rugged up but still cold, girls in uggs and coats, then one young man, shirtless in the bleak July air.

I turned to Barney the Barista, indicating with my head.
“What’s that all about?”
His glance was as confident as it was brief.
“New tatts.”

Note: I intend to take a break from blogging while I concentrate on my almost completed novel, but know I will be unable to resist the occasional look at what you are all doing. Meanwhile, I invite my cyber friends to drop me a line if you feel the urge. And meanwhile, please take a trip to the Magpie's Nest to read contributions from some fine poets and storytellers. XX


  1. Yep! His pride kept him warm as well as the sassy lass in the window. One can only hope that there's a warm fire nearby if not another warm body....

  2. Best of luck with the novel. I've wondered where you've been. That explains it. For my part, I hope to get back to blogging soon. The home situation here has gotten a bit more demanding, but things are still going along more or less OK. Good luck with the book.

  3. High time you got that novel up and running, Sir! I for one, can't wait!

    Blue rinse matrons .. may I never be called one!!

  4. All the very best with your novel exciting!

  5. Partner in crime here can't resist this week's prompt either!

  6. Godspeed Stafford, plant a flag on the moon for all us Aussies. I want a copy of the novel .
    Tatts indeed !

  7. Long may your pen nib remain uncrossed! LOL ♥

  8. You're in stellar witty form, as always Ford...

  9. We will miss you, but here's hoping we'll all be turning over a new leaf or two quite soon!

  10. Oh I think I like this Barney! Nice wit and style with this writing of it! Good luck on your writing adventures as well!

  11. The lads do that in Newcastle, UK, in our midwinter. The lassies too! They're all hard, real hard.
    Best wishes with your novel.

  12. Just making my way through my blog list, and leaving a little 'hello!".

    ps......aren't the anonymous mob are a nightmare? I spent a full half-hour once deleting the bastards from a few of my blogs!

    1. Absolutely! I now have my mail program send anything with 'anonymous' in the sender's ID to the trash can. Some still get through, but most of the bastards get their just deserts. xx


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