Friday, 28 May 2010

Academy of Invisible Dance

Dancers at barre in rows,
Tutus and la petite chose.
Although I can’t see ya,
Invisible fille,
You must work on pointing your toes!


  1. Ha,ha,ha - didn't realise you were a ballet connoisseur Stafford.

  2. Short and to the (dare I say it?) point :)

  3. Ah! Stafford, les joies d'orleil tournoyant
    Les moments mourir pour..

    I for ' One ' will always -
    See and Feel ' The Point ' he! he !..

  4. GB, the first ballet I saw was Les Sylphides. The spectacle was breathtaking, but for me it was the music, heard for so long on CD, suddenly made so much more sense!
    Where did this revelation take place?
    Zeehan (population so small the prostitute is still a virgin) in the wild west of Tassie in the beautifu old Gaiety Theatre! Sensational!

    Loanie, I have limericks I can never publish!

    Nice to meet you Sue J and Dancer-holic, your disguise does not fool me! And if you really are a French speaker check out 'Parlay Voo Fronsay' in an earler blog.

  5. maybe you couldn't see her but your words made her plain as day

  6. my wife was a ballerina for 18 i have stared at that bar often...nice magpie!

  7. I think Degas caught your description perfectly...nice job!!

  8. All those little pink tutus
    Growing up to wear grown up shoes
    But with age stilletto insanity we lose.

  9. I imagine even the most adept and proficient dancer feels there is always room for improvement in the pointing of the toes ...... I enjoy your short and sweet rhyme here .... you painted a picture in my head :)

  10. vivid images your words paint,
    beautiful magpie!

  11. tres, tres charmant! ;-) If you had seen a picture of my shoes (9 1/2 wide) you would not have thought of tiny dancers! ;-)

  12. I really like the humour in this. Very clever of you. Definitely short but sweet.

  13. Less is more, and dancing is difficult!

  14. Thanks everyone so much for the comments and to Willow and Magpie for the opportunity. It was a toss up between that and this!

    Nude Dance Academy Advice #2.

    When clothing of dance you refuse
    And absolute nudity choose,
    If you are to pose
    On tip-tippy toes,
    The one thing you must wear is shoes!

  15. Last But Not Least :-
    I Phoned a Friend :-

    It's The Four and Twenty
    Black and White
    Twitter Magpie Minstrel Show
    On Points in Tulle
    He! He!

  16. Stafford,
    Clever and astute at the same time!

  17. Stafford that was a great magpie!
    I liked both No 1 & No 2 limerick!
    Very clever!

  18. Short but vivid, absolutely charming!

  19. Chopin, Dear Stafford
    Instantly Recognisable
    Unique Sense of Lyricism
    Unparalleled Melodic Genius
    Not Surprising, Your Reaction
    Given the Sensitive ,Intuitive
    Masterful Musician
    That You Are....


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