Friday, 19 March 2010

One man’s fish is another man’s poisson!

Mirth followed me out the door as I left to find a printer for my twenty-one year old Atari Mega computer, 1989 model. No joy in shops so I trawled the Buderim dump. There were four in the bin that seemed to have the right plugs and $10 bought the lot.
Two worked, but one worked well. It was a Dell laser black and white model that not only came with a few hundred sheets of paper, but had an almost full tank of toner. That alone was worth about $80.
Then along came Christmas and IXL needed a laser printer to make shipping labels.
Her ‘cost almost a grand’ colour inkjet couldn’t cut the mustard.
TNT’s website suggested a laser printer so IXL’s daughter, who just loves to buy new things, grabbed the credit card and was flexing her PIN finger when I called her back. She hated it, but I plugged the $10 Dell into the desktop and presto! It connected to the web automatically and downloaded a driver.
Since then it has faultlessly printed hundreds of shipping labels and sits there faithfully awaiting the next job. Nobody is laughing now, except me… tee hee!
What would you say to them Gabrielle? Eat your shirt? Oh, you are naughty!


  1. This sounds like a science fiction story! Great recycling Stafford.

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