Saturday, 10 October 2009

Pies and Tarts to Live For!

Collected IXL from the Sydney plane and she headed straight for the kitchen.
The stainless steel pin that has been threaded through the bones of her toe for a month is out and she’s back! The new combi oven has been going full blast all day.
So what’s new tomorrow at Noosa Markets?
Ham and veal pies and Blue Cheese or Brie tarts with spinach mascarpone and caramelised onion. Delicious!
She sold out of most gourmet smoked smallgoods last week so had to something new for the cognoscenti! Fans of her Gallery Gourmet packaged smallgoods will have to wait until next week for the full range, but there are plenty of some favourites including the very popular anti-pasto if you’re early.
It’s good to see her out of pain and smiling again.

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